Introducing the M-Preferred Partner Network

Whether you’re a relocation management company looking to find a trusted partner for all your real estate, relocation, title and legal needs, or a service provider looking to grow your business, the M-Preferred Partner Network is the place for you!

Managing more than $120 million annually in local partner revenue, the M-Preferred Partner Network provides access and membership to a growing, nationwide network of real estate brokers and agents, title and closing companies, inspection and appraisal companies and mortgage lenders, as well as HOA, tax, notary and legal services.

The M-Preferred Partner Network currently boasts more than 9,000 property listings and more than 175 brokers and partners and is growing annually.

We invite only the best to join the M-Preferred Network, and in return, our partners agree to complete certifications and maintain superior ratings annually in order to maintain their member status, including:

  • Associates working with our files complete training modules administered by our team
  • Use ResWare™ to manage documents and scorecards
  • Maintain 95% or above ratings on scorecards and SLA’s
  • Complete annual performance review
  • Ability to service the volume of business generated through the Network

With 50 years of expertise serving the relocation and real estate industries, the Morreale Real Estate Services, Inc. (MRES) team looks forward to partnering with you to help achieve your business goals!


The M-Preferred Network is your one-stop shop for full-service partnerships or a la carte services. We look forward to working with you! Benefits of Hiring M-Preferred Partners include:
    • Access to a growing, national network of elite and highly trusted relocation and real estate professionals
    • Robust, customized reporting to meet your needs
    • Quarterly newsletters from the M-Preferred Team
    • …and more!


Welcome to Morreale Real Estate Services, Inc. Preferred Partner Network family! You’ve been selected to join the M-Preferred Partner Network as a result of your strong relationship with Morreale Real Estate Services, Inc. (MRES) and for your superior quality of service and turnaround times. As part of this exclusive, growing, national network of elite relocation and real estate professionals, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including:
  • Guaranteed business growth
  • Access to the M-Preferred Partner Network website, featuring file and caseload management tools
  • Robust, customized reporting to meet your needs
  • Introductory and refresher trainings for your staff administered by our team
  • Quarterly newsletters from the M-Preferred team (featuring noteworthy industry and Network partner news)

Through our partnership, we hope that together, we can increase customer satisfaction, explore new ideas and services, and make the M-Preferred Partner Network the elite network in the real estate and relocation industry!

To accept your invitation and become an official M-Preferred Partner:

To learn more about becoming or hiring an M-Preferred Network Partner, please contact:

Carla Blankenship, CRP, GMS

Director, Network Management

(630) 315-0066