Morreale Real Estate Services makes sure that all aspects of the real estate process is handled appropriately and correctly.

Morreale Real Estate Services understands the importance of accuracy when handling the coordination of relocation transactions. We Do It Right!


National Title & Settlement Services

Whether you are buying 1 house or 100 houses, we are your single point of contact. All fees associated have been carefully negotiated and volume leveraged so cost savings can be passed on to you.

We are not associated with any title insurance underwriters.

Financial & Accounting Services

Our financial and accounting services give our clients a single source for their accounting and expense needs. Eliminate the costs of issuing payments and tracking payment due dates. Morreale Real Estate Services can do it for you.

  • Valuation Services
  • Funding Services
  • Recurring and Non-Recurring Property Payments
  • Referral Fee Collection and Coordination
  • Negative Proceeds Funding
  • Final Home Reconciliation

Inventory Management

Morreale Real Estate Services will manage your home sale strategies to save you time and money in future endeavors.


Through our revolutionary tool, Move Counselors, Morreale Real Estate Services has a solution to manage all of your client’s needs.

Ask for a demo of this great tool! (

Destination Services

Take your destination services to a new level through:

  • Broker Partnerships
  • Mortgage Partnerships
  • Inspection Partnerships
  • And so much more!

Attorney & Legal Services

Through our partnership with Morreale Brady Malone & Palmer P.C., the real estate law firm, Morreale Real Estate Services provides clients with Attorney and Legal Services for their real estate (file or client specific) needs.

Document Preparation Services

Whether you need a simple warranty deed prepared or a more complex document such as a shared driveway agreement, Morreale Real Estate Services, through its attorney partner, Morreale Brady Malone & Palmer, P.C., can meet your needs.

At Morreale Real Estate Services, we pride ourselves in delivering the best experience to our clients. Here are a few benefits to using our services. 


File Availability and Reporting

You will have 24/7 access to all documents, notes, status updates, and communications available on our ultra-secured website.

Our state of the art reporting capabilities can be customized and delivered to meet the client needs, cash flow reports, estimated cost per file, and more! APIs are available.

Vendor Management

We only work with the best, most experienced partners in the real estate industry.

Our real estate professionals will go the extra mile to making sure your real estate needs are taken of. We put our reputation on the line for you. We do it right!

Industry Best Practices

Take advantage of our 50+ years of experience and let us show you the leading industry practices in managing your programs.